The Kathleen M. Rotz Lung Cancer Research Fund
8th Annual 5K Fundraising Event

3rd Annual Believe in the Magic of Santa - Santa Makes A Visit

A Word From Penn Medicine

The good folks at Penn Medicine are as impressed with your kindness as we are. To read about what they have to say, click here.

Another Fantastic Success Story

The Kathleen M. Rotz Lung Cancer Research Fund's 3rd Annual "Believe in the Magic of Santa" Holiday Event was another huge success!

Due to the endless spring of generosity offered by the supporters of our cause, we have once again increased the number of recipient Patients and their families. The second event held in 2017 witnessed assistance to fourteen patients, an increase of 10 over the 2016 event and now, as a result of the 3rd Annual Event, to a fantastic eighteen (18) different patients. The happiness and relief your assistance provides to these patients at this special time of year while battling their greatest fight is quite profound. The patients, their Doctors and nurses were overjoyed at seeing their Wish List filled with everything from clothes, to household goods, to bicycles for their children or grandchildren.

We Thank You All from the bottom of our hearts for helping us make these dreams come true. We had individuals, businesses and employees of businesses join in!! Thank You!!

Employees of Participating Banana Republic Stores

Employees of Participating Converse Stores

Employees of Merck's OGMA Team (Oncology Global Medical Affairs)

Employees of Merck's GMAC Team (Global Medical Affairs Capabilities)

The Cronin Family

The DiMaria Family

The Griffin Family

The Humes Family

The Junod Family

The Matelwich Family

The Niro Family

The Tancredi Family

Mindy Catalana

Juila Cerzosimo

Gail Keim

If You Are As Moved As We Are

Even though the Holidays of 2019 is a ways off, you may want to learn how you can provide assistance to a person in need. We would very much like to hear from you. Please send us an e-mail. Assistance comes in many forms. When you are ready to contact us, we can start the process of learning how you would like to help and provide you with available options as well as keep you informed when new ones develop.

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