The Kathleen M. Rotz Lung Cancer Research Fund
8th Annual 5K Fundraising Event

7th Annual Virtual 5K Run/Walk/Cycle - "Sponsor Me" Instructions

Become A Sponsorable Athlete

In order to become A Sponsorable Athlete, you must have donated to The Kathleen M. Rotz Lung Cancer Research Fund utilizing Our Giving Page at the Penn Medicine Website. If you have already donated, whether for the upcoming 5K, or in the past, you can skip to GET THE WORD OUT !!!

1. Visit Our Giving Page at the Penn Medicine Web Site
2. In the upper left of the page, click on Donate Now!
3. Complete the form and Make your Donation (any amount that you choose)
4. That's It! Simple! You will now be included in the list of persons that can be sponsored on our Giving Page
5. There is just one more step — GET THE WORD OUT !!!Encourage Your Friends & Family To "Sponsor Me"

Get The Word Out !!!

We have prepard an e-mail for you so that you can concentrate on your list of family, friends, and colleagues that are unable to participate in the 7th Annual Virtual 5K.

1. Prepare your target list of E-Mail addresses
2. Click Here to generate the E-Mail
3. Enter those E-Mail addresses into the E-Mail To: field
4. Sign the e-mail and Send!!
5. Lastly, don't be afraid to Send It Again! ...and Again!!

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