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Happy New Year!

2023 was another fantastic year for the ROTZ Fund thanks to the generosity of our donors.

In 2023, the 9th Annual fundraising event raised $70,975! Since inception, we have now raised $551,410!

This funding has helped provide the opportunity for the team at Penn Medicine to continue making research advancements and developing new treatments. You can learn more about the latest advancements by clicking the link below.

How can you support us in the fight?

Without you the Kathleen M. Rotz foundation is not possible. Your generous help and support is critical for researching a cure as well as providing financial assistance to families affected by lung cancer. There are various ways for you to make a difference. See below.

Register for/donate to Virtual 5K Run/Walk/Cycle

The Virtual 5K Run/Walk/Cycle is our longest running fundraising event. You can participate either as a runner/walker/cycler (even at home on your peleton) with your donation, or by simply making a donation, or by becoming a sponsor of our event.

Make a donation towards Believe in the Magic of Santa

The holidays are a difficult time for families dealing with the challenges of a loved one diagnosed with lung cancer. Your donation makes it possible for us to answer the Christmas wish lists of those in need.

When to donate: November-December

9th Annual Virtual 5K Sponsors!

Thank you!!

About Kathleen M. Rotz and the Fund

Kathleen's determination and belief in her over 2 year battle against lung cancer served as the impetus for establishing this fund. Funds go directly to support Kathy's doctor, Dr. Steven Albelda, and his team to find a cure.

Our why in this process has been an integral part of what we do. We thank everyone who has taken up our shared interest and helped to make this fund as successful as it has become.

Learn who we are

About the Cure

Since 2015, funds provided by the ROTZ foundation have helped to advance research and treatments to manage lung cancer. We are very proud of the impact and progress made.

Consequently, we have made a conscious effort with the Laboratories at the University of Pennsylvania to document the journey. Select any of the updates from the adjacent widget to learn more.

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Recent Events

8th Annual Virtual 5K Fundraising Event

A collage of images which primarily include people of different ages dressed in athletic clothes and Kathleen M. Rotz t-shirts and are participating in an outdoor run.

The Kathleen M. Rotz Lung Cancer Research Fund's Annual Virtual 5K Fundraising Event has been a great way to support research towards treating lung cancer for eight years strong!

Participants can engage as well as via various sponsorship opportunities. Follow the link below to learn all the details.

Learn about the run's impact

7th Annual Believe in the Magic of Santa

A collage of images which include scenes and colors of Christmas time. There are people posing for group photos.

Now for the 7th year, Chris Rotz will make his annual trip to the Abramson Cancer Center to bring joy and help answer the Christmas wishlists of those in need. The opportunity to spread Christmas joy is made possible by generous donors of the fund.

Read about last year's event

Our Progress is in the Numbers

9 Years of Funding Lung Cancer Research
1000+ Participants dedicated to the KMR Foundation and Finding a Cure
$500,000+ Raised by the Foundation

Ho, Ho, Ho! The KMR Foundation is getting some attention!

Believe in the Magic of Santa

Meet Nina Benedick!

Nina is an Administrative Assistant for the Abramson Cancer Center.

The Rotz family generously organizes an annual gift distribution event called "Believe in the Magic of Santa," which helps patients and families take their minds off cancer.

Chris Rotz's annual holiday trips to the Abramson Cancer Center were recognized by the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Some other Believe in the Magic of Santa Highlights

Lung Cancer Facts

  • You do not have to be a smoker to get lung cancer
  • Lung cancer is the leading cancer killer

A very special thank you to our sponsors!

We are grateful for the support of generous businesses. Through our Annual 5K and now Annual Virtual 5K events, our sponsors at each sponsor level and type have made a significant impact towards KMR's raised funds.

Penn Medicine at Work

Dr. Steven Albelda has been kind enough to provide a summary of his team's research. Most importantly, he has made a point as to why the Rotz Foundation funding has been so important.

Only one more thing to do

Everything that has been made possible via the Kathleen M. Rotz Lung Cancer Research Fund in a fight to treat lung cancer is in thanks to our generous donors. Your support truly means a lot.

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