The Kathleen M. Rotz Lung Cancer Research Fund
8th Annual 5K Fundraising Event

We Believe The Cure Is Within !

The Kathleen M. Rotz Lung Cancer Research Fund has been established exclusively for Dr. Christine A. Ciunci, MD MSCE and her team at The Abramson Cancer Center at Penn Medicine to eradicate Lung Cancer through research, clinical trials and treatments.

Current trends and projections indicate lung cancer will turn into a chronically managed disease by the year 2023. We believe we can help bridge the gap with our fund. We will be making periodic announcements for fund raising events during the year on this website.

Dr. Steven Albelda has been kind enough to provide a summary of his team's research. Most importantly, he has made a point as to why the Rotz Foundation funding has been so important.

The Thoracic Oncology Laboratory has funding from a number of sources, including government grants and research agreements with pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Traditionally, these funding sources are quite conservative and only want to fund "sure things" with lots of preliminary data. However, that is not how the discovery of cutting edge science works. There is a need to try new, creative, risky, and unproven approaches. Some succeed, but most don't.

This "novel idea space" is where the Rotz Foundation has been of special importance to the lab by helping to support these more novel “high risk - high gain” projects needed to produce the preliminary data that can then be used to obtain government or industry support. For example, ROTZ Foundation funding was used to help support the FAP CAR T projects, ultimately leading to the NIH grants and industry support that will lead to human clinical trials.

More recently, the funds have supported the NK cell projects, and over the next year will be used to support the new project to generate CAR T Cells inside the body with a simple injection of mRNA. We are hopeful that these projects will also lead to government and industry support and ultimately to clinical trials.

To read the entire detail of Dr. Albelda's report, click here.

Above: Imaging of Mouse Stromal FAP Expression in an A549 Lung Adenocarcinoma Xenograft Model In Vivo

Latest Updates on FAPI and CAR T Cells
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Meet Nina Benedick! Nina is an Administrative Assistant for the Abramson Cancer Center. According to Nina, ‘The Rotz family generously organizes an annual gift distribution event called "Believe in the Magic of Santa," which helps patients and families take their minds off cancer.’ To read more about what Nina has to say, click here.

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