The Kathleen M. Rotz Lung Cancer Research Fund
7th Annual 5K Run/Walk

7th Annual Virtual 5K Run/Walk/Cycle - "Sponsor Me"

...and for all of your friends who can't even attend this year's virtual event...

Please ask them to sponsor you to help our continued fight against lung cancer. Once again, we are rolling out a sponsorship program for the 7th Annual Virtual 5K Run/Walk/Cycle — "Sponsor Me".

A very successful component to the overall fundraising, this program is designed to provide an opportunity for those that are unable to attend the event, but would very much like to contribute to the fund.

Don't be afraid to set your sights high. In 2020, for the 6th Annual Virtual 5K Run/Walk/Cycle, two of our donors, Gregory Cowhey and Rob & Lisa Matelwich, amassed quite a number of individual sponsors. The "Sponsor Me" sponsors of these two individuals raised an amount in excess of $35,500.00.

To those ready to run/walk/cycle at this year's event, if you know of someone or more than one someone who would like to participate, but just cannot find the time, please ask them to sponsor you. It is a relatively simple process.

We truly need all the financial support that we can raise to fund this advancement in treatments of lung cancer for the patients and their families!! You can either choose to sponsor a "5K Athlete" or you can become a "5K Athlete" that wishes to be sponsored. Follow the instructions provided below. If you have questions, you can always contact us.

Thank you for your interest in participating in this sponsorship program!!